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Food Processing Plants & Cleaning Products

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UI Design, Complete Website Creation

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1 Month

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HB Eco Products Website Design and Development Portfolio


I am proud to present my work on the HB Eco Products website. This website was designed and developed to showcase their eco-friendly cleaning products for commercial buildings and agricultural industries such as cow farms. The website was built in WordPress to provide an easy-to-use content management system for the client.

Design and User Experience:

The design of the website is clean and minimalist, with a green and white color scheme that represents the eco-friendly nature of the products. The user experience was a key consideration during the design process, with a clear navigation menu and prominent call-to-action buttons to encourage users to browse and purchase products. The website is also fully responsive, providing an optimal user experience across all devices. 


The website was developed in WordPress using a custom theme and a range of plugins to provide enhanced functionality such as an online store, contact forms, and social media integration. The online store was built using WooCommerce to provide a seamless purchasing experience for customers. The website was also optimized for speed and performance to ensure fast loading times and a smooth browsing experience. 
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The HB Eco Products website has received positive feedback from both the client and customers. The website has helped to increase sales and raise awareness of the brand and their eco-friendly cleaning products. The online store has also provided a convenient and efficient way for customers to purchase products, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Overall, I am proud to have designed and developed the HB Eco Products website. The website successfully represents the eco-friendly nature of the brand and provides an intuitive user experience. The use of WordPress and WooCommerce has allowed for easy management of the website and online store, resulting in increased sales and customer satisfaction.