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It’s not always compulsory to start your business on a bigger scale along with heavy investment. Take an initiative step by starting your new start-up with a minimum amount and by using efficient strategies you can boost your business and can earn a heavy profit. Starting a new business is not an easy task; you have to risk your money, time, and valuable assets. Also, you have to compete with strong market competition if you want to set a mark in their product line industry. So I would like to share some tips to increase your sales and be successful. 

  • Explicate your business line:

While establishing a new start-up you must be clear about one thing: which product line you are introducing in the market. Who are your competitors and which products already existed in the market? How will you introduce new products that will be unique to other brands? Providing your customers a unique selling point through your products and services. You should not introduce products that are totally opposite to the name of your brand and product line. 

  • Team building:

Everyone in your team must be assigned with a specific task according to their credibility when you start a new business. You must know what you can do the best and what the requirements are to produce the best quality products for your targeted customers. Set your short term goals like how many orders you will get and how many customers you’ll deal with on a daily basis. Set your long term goals like after five years where you’ll see your organization.

  • Explicate your customers:

You have to know for whom you are designing your products. Who are your end-users? Rather they are youngsters or old age people or the middle age. Are you designing products for children or for elders? Are you targeting males or females? Creating your products according to trend and fashion would be well-appreciated and accepted by people and will be beneficial for you. People of which class they are elite or average or below average. 

  • Impressions on your customers:

A question arises here why people should buy your products when a lot of other brands are also dealing and providing their services in this product line. The answer is because you are giving more variety and better quality products rather than others. You are fulfilling their needs by constantly resolving their problems. Be in touch with your customers and create a strong impression on their minds. Create a beautiful infrastructure to let them know that you are working professionally. Deal with them very politely. Listen to them and articulate the features of your product or services that reduce costs and solve problems for the customer. 

  • Offer sales and discounts:

Sales and discount offers are the most efficient way to engage your customers. Maybe some people can’t buy your products because of their “out of range” price issues. When you introduce a new product in the market people have a lot of doubts regarding your products rather you are selling quality products or not. Why should they buy those products? What if their money goes wasted if it turns out to be a total waste. These sales offer the support you to create a strong relationship with your customers and trust with respect to your valued products. 

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  • Membership/ loyalty cards:

A person came to your outlet/organization and bought something then your relationship will not end at that point. You have to make them your loyal and regular customers by developing trust with them. Make membership cards like a customer who has a membership/loyalty card will get a 15% or 20% discount at each purchase every time. Many renowned brands in Pakistan are doing the same right now like J., Nishat, etc.

  • Celebrity endorsement:

Approach high rate celebrities and send your products to them. Celebrities who are well-appreciated by people will give you a lot of benefits when they will give good feedback on your product. It will create a strong impression among people and would like to purchase and wanna try your products. You can also make a celebrity your brand ambassador to promote your products and services which will ultimately increase your sales.

  • Advertise your products:

Best way to increase your sales to advertise your products through tv ads, banners, brochures. Advertise through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linked in, etc. Announce giveaways too as social media is the strongest weapon nowadays to enhance your business and engage more and more customers with you. You can also advertise by playing your ads on youtube. Make your ads effective and clear your customers how your product fulfills their needs and how your single product can benefit in multiple ways.

  • Customer feedback:

Customer feedback can be worthwhile if you gain a review of your services and products on a daily basis. It will show the value of your product in view of your customers. It will help you to identify your product’s flaws and repute your business which ultimately will be beneficial for your organization. Feedback assists you to create a strong relationship with your visitors by satisfying their needs.

  • Make a website:

Having a website will give you countless benefits because 85% of people nowadays do online business and people prefer to purchase online to save their time and effort to go to markets and search for their desired products. Online purchasing has made our life easier just look at the product picture, read out the details, and by contacting the manufacturer to confirm your order and you can get your product by sitting at home. So if you would have a website that is working 24/7 you can get a big share of the market. Also if your business has a website you can also build trust for the public as it will legitimate your business which will set a strong impression in view of your customer.


Jamshaid Amjad

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