How To Get Ranked Higher On Google?

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Anyone who wants to take his business to another level needs to engage more traffic on his site. There is nothing more frustrating than ranking on the first page of Google, yet getting little to no traffic. But the thing is there is always a reason. And the solution is to be ranked higher on google. I’ll share some key points of getting ranked on google in a systematic fashion.

  • Why do we need keywords to rank on Google?

You have to find the keywords that are performing decently, but not great as higher the rank on google will leave a great impact on your customers and visitors. Keyword helps you to boost traffic on your page and to illustrate how to search for traffic for a real keyword through a traffic share by page reports in Ahrefs’ SEO(search engine optimization) tools. You’re losing business if you don’t know how to use keywords for SEO. 

Website traffic checker and some variants would be good too since it shows organic traffic estimation for any website or URL in Site Explorer. Something like “find email address” might be tempting but there is very little business value in that for us. People who are new to link building may look for this topic, but there aren’t any direct ties to Ahrefs’ SEO tools. So that would fall somewhere lower in the list of priorities. 

  • How to choose keywords to improve ranking?

Most people only click on the first page so if you get the wrong keywords then you are seriously deteriorating your sales. Use the keywords that don’t have SERP features but the problem is how to find out the literal keywords. The solution is simple! 

To identify these keywords, you can compare search volume and ranking position with estimated search traffic. Use the keywords that are already generating search traffic and look for the queries that have business value for you and also for your target audience as it is important to know what they are searching on Google.

The following are some key points while choosing the keywords for your site:

  • Keywords having the Title name of your page.
  • Choose the words that show early on the page.
  • Create high quality and detailed content of above 1000 words.
  • Add relevant terms of your keywords to your page. 
  • Use semantics to appear more and set a goal to appear as the best on Google regarding a particular topic.
  • Repeat your keywords to tell Google that you are searching for that particular query.
  • Why is your website being outranked?

There are following reasons that you are being outranked:

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  • Your business competitors engaged a huge market crowd not working for your keywords.
  • Not indexing on Google as you are a new one.
  • Your website is not mobile-friendly.
  • Poor content optimization and bad quality content.
  • Low-quality backlinks.
  • No promotion on social media.
  • Poor page loading speed

And the solution is 

  • Increasing the numbers of referring domains plains to a page.
  • Improve your on-page and page-level authority.
  • Monitor your mobile optimization.
  • Improve your website authority.
  • Add Google search console to be indexed.
  • Make your website responsive and user friendly.
  • Optimize meta tags and description of your website.
  • Include subheadings to make your content scannable and structured.
  • Use hashtags on social media to trace your website or keywords.
  • Use URLs as URLs give the clear hint about the page like what is this link about and what information would be you are getting on this site.
  • Search intent for your business:

Search intent basically means the reason behind the searcher’s query as Google tries to provide the most relevant result to any given query. There are few steps to identify search intent based on their ultimate goal, understanding, and optimizing for search intent important for SEO.

  • Just google the keyword you want to improve. 
  • Add the images to your site.
  • Analyze the top-ranking page.
  • Look for 3C’s of search intent.
  1. Content-type ( Blog posts, product pages, Category pages, and landing pages).
  2. Content format ( How-tos, step by step tutorials, list posts and opinion piece, and a calculator for landing page).
  3. Content angle (unique selling propositions, how to entice a searcher to click on your result).
  • Google Analytics:

You can increase your rankings as fast as possible with the smallest link building tools. In Google Analytics find phrases for which are almost ranked high that are visible and make small changes to your website to better optimize those pages for those phrases, then come back and make sure then see that it worked actually or not.

In Google Analytics go to acquisition under search engine optimization and then queries. In this tab, a report will show you all the phrases you rank for, the number of impressions on the Google of your phrase, the number of visitors who clicked on these phrases, and your position rank on the website of your phrase. It will also assist you to search the pages that are mostly visited and have organic traffic.

  • Backlinks

Backlinks are essential for SEO as they help search bots to crawl your website and rank it properly to its content. Every backlink could be a part of a ranking puzzle. That’s why each website owner needs to urge the maximum amount of attainable backlinks to raise the website’s SEO ranking factors. It’s a kind of citation or link utilized in the text(hypertext). 

The quality and volume of your backlinks measure a robust sign of how trustworthy and reliable your website is. Search engines take this into consideration once listing your website in search results. Quality is way a lot more necessary than quantity once it involves acquiring backlinks. A link from a relevant website in your niche may be a lot more valuable than one hundred links from low-quality websites. Use anchor text, URLs, HTML links, on-page parameters, and indexes to stalk the website. You can use different tools that can help you to check whether your backlinks are trustworthy and valuable.


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