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The first and foremost question that arises here is why you need to make a website if you are running a business? The answer is too simple to boost your organization as making a website is the most common trend to pursue more audiences on a bigger scale. It will add expeditious credibility, engage more new customers, make more money, also not too expensive to manufacture, save your time and efforts to deal with your customers, and give you a platform to shape your business well-reputed organization in the market.

Having a website will give you countless benefits because 85% of people nowadays do online business. People prefer to purchase online to save their time and effort to go to markets and search for their desired products. Online purchasing has made our life easier. Just look at the product picture, read out the details, and contact the manufacturer to confirm your order, and get your product by sitting at home. So if you have a website that is working 24/7, you can get a big share of the market.

If your business has a website, you can also build trust for the public as it will legitimate your business, which will set a strong impression on your customer. If you think it’s too expensive and difficult to build a website, you might be wrong because many platforms provide you the professional templates and themes with simple sign-up processes to make your task easy and trouble-free. It can be profitable if you are targeting huge traffic on your website.

Let us tell you a few key points if you are going to make your own professional website. Then your website must have in it to make it gainful.

User Interface:

As we all know, the first impression is the last, so if you want to create a strong impression in your customers’ minds, then your interface must be designed in updated website standards relevant to your business line. The interface must be user friendly and easy so that anyone can approach the website. The colors and design must be according to your business nature. For example, if you are building a website for some clothing brand, you can use some funky themes and colors to draw in your customers. 

Security Updates:

The internet is evolving day by day. New website standards are being developed to meet the security purposes like Users must be authorized if you are dealing with online transactions and payments. Also, keep your site up-to-date to entertain your customers and search engines. Upload fresh content from time to time to create interest in your customer’s opinions. You should also make sure your clients that their personal information will not be leaked and saved within your organization under privacy policy terms. SSL encryption is important if you ask for sensitive data like credit card information.

User friendly navigation:

Develop your website in a totally user-friendly manner; even a novice person will soon understand how to use it. Every option and modules will be obvious for users by designing an attractive user interface. Your interface must be easy and make the most important pages accessible and on the top. Do not confuse your customers by overloading your menu. 


Your website must be compatible with all browsers like google chrome, internet explorer, etc. You should also follow an iterative cycle that includes user research, conceptual design criteria requirements, detailed design specifications, evaluation, and deployment to check your system’s output as you want.

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Make your website reliable enough to deal with your huge number of clients and prevent your system from error/crashing instead of later inspection. Your website is your biggest business asset and your best employee. It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year—even when you’re sleeping. If your website isn’t benefiting your business, it’s not effective. 

Private domain name:

Have a proper website domain to give a professional look to your site to tell your customers that you’re very serious about your business. Domain names must be easy to remember eg. by the name of your business so more and more people can reach you easily and conveniently.

Contact info:

Put a contact page on the main page (main navigation) to quickly connect yourself with your customers. Put your complete official details like your phone number, email address, physical address, business hours, etc. So they can call and send a message/request for more information about their orders. Your contact information must be updated to not to make it difficult to approach you. On the contact page, create a message box for online chatting. If any customer has any query regarding your product and services, then they can contact you straightforwardly.

GUI( Graphical User Interface):

GUI is the simplest way to create a connection between a computer and a person. Use mostly used typical icons so novice people can also navigate your site easily as icons/symbols help in understanding the menu terms. Big and hard-to-read text, distracting functionality, clashing colors, or poorly executed web elements are a thing of the past. An ugly, outdated website will not give you any benefit. If you add relevant HD pictures of your product then it’ll create interest in people too check out a site at least once. 

Customer feedback:

Customer feedback can be worthwhile if you gain review of your services and products on a daily basis. It will show the value of your product in view of your customers. It will help you to identify your product’s flaws and repute of your business which ultimately will be beneficial for your organization. Feedback assists you to create a strong relationship with your visitors by satisfying their needs.

Social media link:

Social media is the strongest weapon nowadays to enhance your business and engage more customers with you. Add all your social media links at the header and footer of your main page. 


Jamshaid Amjad

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